Who We Are

Here are some important details about Namunde Labs we would want you to know. Plus, meat our incredible team.

About Namunde Labs

Namunde Labs is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with an aim of creating learning environment and enhancing capacity of learners to ensure pipeline development, up-skilling at all levels, platform for innovations, promote research, empower the vulnerable and promote Techno-Entrepreneurship.

We believe that skills drive the future of young people and Uganda. Since February 2010, we’ve championed skills excellence in primary, secondary, universities, vulnerable communities, vocational, technological and service-oriented careers. We’re passionate because skills grow careers, foster life-long partnerships, and build successful communities!

Mission Statement

To become a Society of Skilled Innovators Empowering Humanity through Training, Research & Development, Techno-Entrepreneurship, Collaboration and, Resource Mobilization

Vision Statement

A society of skilled innovators empowering humanity

Core Values

Accuracy| Simplicity | Development | Honest | Integrity | Competence | Innovation | Techno- Entrepreneurship

Our Team

Through the years of our service, we have alway moved with these incredible people.

Our Partners

These are some of the companies or organizations who have had trust in us